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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

This document is aimed at brewers at our club that are thinking of moving from bottling to ‘kegging’ their beer.

Bottling beer is a great way to keep certain styles of beers, mainly those that require a long period of storage for example, imperial stouts or wild fermentation beers. However, ‘kegging’ beers or dispensing from a tap at the very least, has a lot of appeal as:

  • it is less effort than prepping, filling and capping 40+ bottles

  • reduce the opportunity for the beer to be spoiled by oxygen

  • Is way cooler pouring a beer from a tap, right!

The document has been put together with various resources and experience from members of the club. I hope it helps our members make the right choice for them.

The information and links in the document are correct at the point of creation it will not be kept up to date.

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