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Learn how to make top class beer at home

We are an informal club, a lively, friendly and relaxed group of homebrewers who have a great time sharing the joy of creating (and drinking!) excellent beer. We meet regularly, share our successes and ‘learnings’ in brewing, organise events, run special projects and club trips, enter competitions with homebrew clubs around the country and generally have a lot of fun along the way.

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The club have enjoyed some fantastic experiences and enlightening talks from experts in their field who’ve been willing to dedicate some time with the club in online video chats; we had a superb discussion (and enjoyed Ghost Ship tasting) with Adnams Head Brewer, Fergus Fitzgerald and got into the science of hops with Rob Shieldon of Lupofresh hop merchants. 


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One of the cornerstones of our club is sharing beer that we’ve brewed, giving and receiving feedback while we taste it. Some strong organisation and dedication has allowed us to run multiple interclub bottle swaps whereby we distribute our beers to club members ; we then run online tasting and feedback sessions remotely online. It is hugely successful, to give and receive feedback and learn from each other, whilst having a bit of banter along the way!

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Reach out to:

  • learn more about beer, beer evaluation, and brewing techniques

  • test new ideas and innovative techniques

  • collaborate with other brew clubs

  • meet experts from related industries

  • visit breweries and other beer related businesses

  • Save on costs with group buying

  • raise money for charity

  • promote responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages

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Get in touch

We have a very active community of amateur brewers. We meet Monthly, on the third Monday of every month, and use Discord as a platform to communicate, as well as Facebook if you do that too! 


We welcome everyone at any stage of the brewing experience, and like to share information. 

We're also always looking for collaborations with breweries and sponsorship for our charitable events.  

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