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"There comes a time when you are brewing beer at home when you want to know if your beer is any good and get tips on how to improve. Feedback from family and friends was always welcome but it's always slightly biased, so finding people to give real feedback was needed. It was then I discovered the Norwich Homebrew crew. Blind tastings, talks on how to improve beer quality and being able to taste a massive range of styles made a beer impact on my brewing and it wasn't long before I was talking about my dream, to set up a brewery. A year later I was doing it!

Unfortunately, it took up ALL my time so I wasn't able to attend the group anymore but have managed to catch up with them over Zoom during lockdown and even better, got the opportunity to sponsor their event. It will be really great to be able to give back to a group that gave me so much during my time with them." 

Mike Deal, Wild Craft Brewery

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