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Barrel Projects

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Solera project

An exciting project made possible by a new member Alex Davies who managed to source a Red Wine Barrel from Spain, and the organisation and barrel brewing skills of Marc Hannewald.

The style of beer is a Flanders Red and 10 brewers will be contributing 20 litres of beer each in January to the barrel that will age and be tasted over time.

The barrel was collected by the bearded legend that is Mat Ridge from Bolton. Look at his happy little face.

Currently in storage for steaming in Marc 'le canon' Hannewald garage!


NAB & All Day Brewing Company collaboration

Simon Barker owner and all round amazing chap of All Day Brewing Company is supportive of collaborating on a barrel aged beer with Norwich Amateur Brewers for commercial consumption.

"The house style as the brewery is getting a bit "lambic"! I would say that the hops don't matter too much, unless we late hop a few weeks before bottling. We will use my hops, though, it would make sense to do so, and is a selling point! We did a beautiful late hopped sour a while back. This thing will be very much yeast, and barrel, driven. The fruits we will have available are our raspberries, some quince, blackberries and cherries, plus whatever comes our way in the meantime! I think 12-18 months in the barrel would be good.... I have a few barrels to choose from - bourbon, whisky and red wine" Simon Barker

More to follow as we confirm the brew date...


Read the latest progress report here...

NAB Barrel Projects Report V2
Download PDF • 548KB

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