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New tap handles

Feb, 2021

Our own IT Guru Richard Dent has been putting his spare lockdown time to good use by creating tap handles using a 3D printer. After a little trial and error, a few rolls of plastic and a new 3D printer club members kegerators and keezers are looking pretty cool. 

Want one? You'll have to join the club!


p.s. It is free to join. 

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New Members in 2020

Jan, 2021

A big welcome to new members in 2020: Will Gant, Ali Simmons, Danny Brown, Chris Warman, Alex Davis, Florin Alin Hantig, Sam Hudson and Joe Murray.

"I have been a member of the club for six months after attempting several brews at home, with varying success. The help and advice I have received from the members has been brilliant. If you post a question, it is generally answered within hours or even minutes.  The members are acceptant of new and inexperienced brewers and go out of their way to make people feel included. No question is treated as silly, as it's all about sharing experiences to improve the quality of your beer." Will Gant

Christmas advent

December 2020

22 Brewers from the club produced 24 different beers to create a beer based advent calendar. Over 15 of the beers were over 5% and we had styles ranging from Oatmeal Stouts to Belgian Golden Strong Ales

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Merch launch

November 2020

Just in time for Christmas NAB launches its range of Merch, the must have attire when brewing!


Beer Boars Vs NAB Interclub Competitions

November 2020

20 brewers from NAB and Beer Boars East went head to head in a brew off of 10 different beer styles. From the highly fashionable NEIPA and Black IPA to tricky Gosé and Rauchweizen. Three BJCP judges had the casting vote in a beer tasting that lasted 6 weeks. Great knowledge was shared, and new friends were made in a very good excuse for a beer! 

After a close contest, 6 vs 5 Norwich Amateur Brewers secured the win! Well done to all the brewers and thank you to the judges. 


October beer swap

October 2020

A new addition to the club that has risen from Lockdown is a monthly beer swap, where a group of around 10 brewers swap their beers and meet on a couple of calls to give feedback to one another using the BJCP score sheet as a guide. October was a great month, and some very good beers shared around from old and new members.


Verdant competition

July 2020

Lallamand collaborated with Verdant to create a commercial of the breweries house yeast strain. The yeast strain was launched to personal brewers, via a competition sponsored by The Malt Miller and organised by Brew Con's Simon Pipola. Members of Norwich Amateur Brewers took part, brewing with the new yeast strain and swapped our brews around for tasting and feedback.


British Hops

Mar, 2021

Simon Parker form president of the British Hop association joined us to discuss the British Hop industry.  We found out that there is some great innovation happening in the British hop industry being led by a number of farmers like Simon, supported by Charles Faram one of the UK's leading hop distributers. 

Keen to support the British Hop industry we bought the Buxton Brewery single hop beers that use British Hops, called Lululus X. 

The Brtish hops Buxton Brewery used were Godiva, Jester, Olicana and Opus, which were developed to challenge the US equivalents with their fruity characteristics and higher alpha acids. 

Results of our sensory experiences can be found on our blog. 

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